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Welcome to glimpse, a new iPhone app by be | daronco, LLC. Glimpse combines time lapse video with GPS data to give you an entirely new way of taking and viewing photos. As your photos playback in one half of the screen your location will be shown on a google map in the lower half.

To get a better idea of what glimpse does please check out the links on the menu above. We have a video that steps you through the glimpse iPhone app as well as plenty of screeshots and a way to get a hold of us if you any question.

The "Example" section will show you an example of the new 'My Glimpses' section. Glimpse 2.0 allows you to upload your glimpses to the glimpse cloud, share links to your cloud, and manage your personal cloud directly from your iPhone. Once uploaded we will convert your photos into a video that can be easily shared via email or by posting to your facebook account, all done directly from your iPhone. We don't store any personal information or require you to create an account with us. All you have to do is accept our terms of service from the glimpse app before you upload your first glimpse. After that it's as simple as a couple taps to share your glimpses.